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  • B-B-Bad
    $12.50 B-B-Bad
    One would never guess a little frog could be soooo bad. This little guy is tough and lovable. 4.5 L x 2" W X 2.75" H
  • Bon Appetite
    $100.00 Bon Appetite
    This little worm looks very appetizing, despite his best efforts to convince the hungry frog otherwise. The worm is taking the joker approach, trying to make the frog laugh and give him reason to keep him around.
  • Boo!
    $18.00 Boo!
    Boo is not really very scary but he is totally cute in his Halloween costume. It is no wonder why he gets all the candy. The pumpkin lights up!
  • Cottontails
    $18.00 Cottontails
    This TipsieÈ bunny is really hoppy about Easter
  • Cuddles
    $88.00 Cuddles
    These two frogs love each other so much that their friends nicknamed them Cuddles.
  • Escargot
    $55.00 Escargot
    This adorable couple got all wrapped up with their appetizer
  • Frogive Me
    $18.00 Frogive Me
    Tip it over and this frog will say Forgive Me for you. Artist Kitty Cantrell has expanded her Critters collection to include Tipsies©. Each adorable character has a secret message that lights up each time you tip them...
  • Granny & Me
    $43.00 Granny & Me
    The fondest days this baby frog will remember are those spent with his loving Grandmother.
  • Growing Up
    $25.00 Growing Up
    This mommy frog can't believe how much her littlest tadpole has grown.
  • Heeeyyy!!!
    $12.50 Heeeyyy!!!
    This little frog is trying to get your attention. Say heeeyyy to your little friend.
  • Hi!!!
    $12.50 Hi!!!
    This little green frog holds up a sign to show his love.
  • Hot Stuff
    $54.00 Hot Stuff
    She is hot and she isn't afraid to show it. When this cute lady frog is around, you can almost hear the crowd cheering. 7" L x 5" W x 4.75" H
  • In Love
    $12.50 In Love
    These two cutie frogs are just getting to know one another
  • Joe
    $12.50 Joe
    As desperate as this frog is, he is still cute enough to hire.
  • Leap Frogs
    $60.00 Leap Frogs
    Leap one, leap two. This pair of frogs can't get enough of this game
  • Leon
    $45.00 Leon
    This frog is a real groovy bass player and really digs his gigs every friday night at the local blues pad with friends Pete and Jake.

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