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  • All Mine
    $24.50 All Mine
    Yummmm. This little frog loves his morning coffee. 5"L x 2"W x 1.5"H
  • All Wrapped Up
    $12.50 All Wrapped Up
    This little frog is having too much fun with his wrapping ribbon.
  • B-B-Bad
    $12.50 B-B-Bad
    One would never guess a little frog could be soooo bad. This little guy is tough and lovable. 4.5 L x 2" W X 2.75" H
  • Big Dez
    $380.00 Big Dez
    This papa frog has long sticky toes which allow him to crawl up almost any surface. He puffs out his throat and sings to Lucille in the evenings. He loves being Big Daddy to Lucille and their little one. 29.5"L x 5"Wx 36"...
  • Bon Appetite
    $100.00 Bon Appetite
    This little worm looks very appetizing, despite his best efforts to convince the hungry frog otherwise. The worm is taking the joker approach, trying to make the frog laugh and give him reason to keep him around.
  • Boo!
    $18.00 Boo!
    Boo is not really very scary but he is totally cute in his Halloween costume. It is no wonder why he gets all the candy. The pumpkin lights up!
  • Born in the USA
    $44.00 Born in the USA
    This little guy is patriotic more than words can say. He loves to wave the American flag and let everyone know how proud he is to be an American frog.
  • Born To Ride
    $44.00 Born To Ride
    Since his younger tadpole years, this frog has always loved the open road. Bound to no pond, stream, or lake, this frog uses his freedom to keep riding. 6"L x 2.25" x 4"H
  • Bosom Buddies
    $25.00 Bosom Buddies
    Although it is unlikely for a frog to catch a ride on a turtles back, these two have bonded and are inseparable.
  • Buddies
    $12.50 Buddies
    These two frogs go everywhere together and are best of friends.
  • Bugsy
    $32.00 Bugsy
    Bugsy got his name for his quick reflexes for capturing his favorite delicacy, ladybugs.
  • Cheer Up
    $18.00 Cheer Up
    Yes, Cheer Up is here to, well, cheer everyone up. He lights up to say Smile when you tip him.
  • Chillin Out
    $32.00 Chillin Out
    Ready for the lazy days of summer, this little frog is taking it easy.
  • Chloe
    $12.50 Chloe
    Happy Chloe loves spring flowers and is captured here admiring the smell of a fresh one from the garden.
  • Code Red
    $12.50 Code Red
    This little froggy is always on the scene first for any frog emergency, especially fighting fires.
  • Coochie Coo
    $12.50 Coochie Coo
    A mama frog plays with her new baby.